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Culligan Inline Showerhead Water Filter


SKU: 407508
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Designed to make a good shower even better, Culligan inline shower filter is perfect for the consumer who prefers his existing showerhead but has concerns about the water coming from that showerhead. Attaches easily to the existing standard 1/2' shower arm at 1 end and then to the existing showerhead at the other, without affecting the height or positioning of the showerhead. Aesthetic chlorine removal is the key filtration feature of this product, providing the consumer with softer skin and hair from reduced exposure to chlorine and scale in the shower. Allows any standard chrome showerhead to be converted to a filtered showerhead. Includes: 1 shower filter, 1 replacement cartridge, PTFE tape, and cartridge change reminder sticker. 1 year limited warranty. Filter dimensions: 3' H x 3' W x 4.25' D.

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